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Nancy Gonzalez

Age 26 | Humble | Photos

Do dreams come true? Ask Nancy Gonzalez, who entered the Miss Houston Teen USA Pageant in 2008, because she dreamed of acquiring the confidence and beauty that she admired in the young women who competed in the pageants she loved to watch. The dream took time to materialize, but another trait that Nancy admires – persistence – kept her competing and improving until September 2016. Then, her long-pursued dream became a brilliant reality with the words, “Nancy Gonzalez, you are Miss Texas USA 2017!”

To Nancy, confidence and persistence are two attributes that are essential in becoming a successful person. As she developed these traits, Nancy’s dreams became goals, and her goals became achievable. After graduating from Brazosport High School as a Texas Scholar in 2008, she entered the University of Houston to study Supply Chain and Logistics. She was named to the Dean’s List and graduated Cum Laude in 2014, becoming the first in her family to earn a university degree.

It is clear that hard work is part of Nancy’s success formula. Her work ethic was instilled in her by her Dad, who came to the U.S. without a high school education and held two jobs while going to school at night to provide a better life for his family. While attending university, Nancy worked to pay her every-day and educational expenses. Upon graduating, she was offered a job by Marathon Oil Corporation, where she serves as an international procurement representative for their West Africa asset. Nancy’s aspirations include obtaining an Executive MBA, becoming an executive level manager, and eventually owning and operating her own business.

While Nancy is serious about her education and her career, there are certainly other more lighthearted and varied facets to her personality, interests, and activities. Describing herself as athletic, Nancy has participated in competitive softball and soccer, and has recently taken up kickboxing. She also enjoys water sports, especially wake boarding and surfing. She models and acts, and she likes a good DIY project. Nancy likes coming up with random puns, and she is an unrepentant prankster.

Love is also an important element in Nancy’s formula for success and realizing her dreams. She truly believes that love conquers all and that love is essential in everything a person does. She speaks lovingly of her Mom as her rock, her hero, and the person that inspires her to have the heart, the patience, and the unconditional love that Nancy so admires in her. Nancy says, “When you do things with love and passion all is possible.”

Becoming Miss Texas USA is a dream come true for Nancy. She intends to embrace every second of this opportunity to motivate and empower other women. Describing herself as “driven, genuine, and ambitious” she is ready for the next challenge, the dream of being crowned Miss USA.

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