About Us


The Crystal Group and its staff are veterans of producing the MISS TEXAS TEEN USA®, preliminary to MISS TEEN USA®, and the MISS TEXAS USA® PAGEANT, a high profile, glamorous event and preliminary to both the MISS USA® and Miss Universe® pageants.

From 1992 to 2009, the Crystal Group has produced the MISS TEXAS USA® PAGEANT as a live, prime time network television show and reaching over 9 million households statewide each year, plus a host of markets in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Mexico.  The high profile, glamorous, media event has won five Emmy Awards.

Although the pageants are not currently televised, they will be live streamed and promise to maintain the grand Texas tradition of top rate competition, sportsmanship and a grand array of prizes.

The MISS TEXAS USA® PAGEANT has produced an astonishing record of nine MISS USA’s, and in  1995 produced Texas’ first Miss Universe, Chelsi Smith (from Deer Park), in the pageant’s 45 year history.

In July of 2011, Texas produced its second MISS TEEN USA, Danielle Doty (from Harlingen).  Texas proudly holds the distinction of being one of the few states to have attained pageantry’s triple crown — a MISS TEEN USA, a MISS USA and a Miss Universe!

Al Clark • Executive Producer

Al Clark is Executive Producer of the MISS TEXAS USA and MISS TEXAS TEEN USA Pageants. He has been associated with the MISS USA/MISS UNIVERSE pageant system since 1981. Under his management, MISS TEXAS USA contracted for one of the largest state prize packages in the USA system and assembled the finest group of professional television and production people in the nation. Clark has also trained and supervised area directors/official recruiters around the State of Texas, as well as coordinating many aspects of pageant functions with relationship to prize sponsors, the actual show production, and negotiating contracts and host city agreements.

Gail Clark • State Director & President

Gail Clark has been the MISS TEXAS USA and MISS TEXAS TEEN USA state director and President since 1992 and local area director in the MISS USA/Miss Universe system since 1981. She has produced and directed over 70 pageants in the State of Texas. Gail is President of The Crystal Group and plays a vital role in the organization with production staff, recruiting contestants, managing the network of local directors/official recruiters, and office management. Her past experience also includes a successful modeling career and 10 years of banking experience. Gail is a former Mrs. Texas winner and was voted Most Photogenic at the national Mrs. America Pageant as well as ranking in the Top 10 Finalists.