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Miss Texas Teen USA

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Photo by Arthur Garcia for Select Studios;
Make-up by www.ThePerfectFace.com;
Hair by Eric Vaughn

Confidence, courage, passion, gratitude, strength, humility, character. These are just a few of the noble qualities that Chloe Kembel strives for and admires. Add the word “winner”, and you have Miss Texas Teen USA 2015, Chloe Isabelle Kembel! Her winning attitude was partially influenced by some wise words imparted to her by her grandfather: “The only thing we can do is play on the one thing we have, and that is our attitude…life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”


Chloe’s winning attitude extends to every aspect of her young life including school, church, extracurricular activities, and family. The eighteen year old high school senior was named Top Ten out of 4,000 high school poets, Top Student in Chemistry, Top Student in English, and Top Student in Bible. She is a student representative for prospective families at her school. She exercises leadership qualities as a Junior High Impact leader, a Girls of Greatness leader, and as chaplain of her dance team.


With one glance at Chloe you see a brunette beauty. Checking out her academic record and a wards confirms that she has brains as well. But there is more! Chloe’s
interests are wide ranging. In addition to dance, Chloe enjoys photography, cooking,reading, modeling, and fly fishing. She describes her family as tight-knit and her parents as wonderful role models. The family motto is “Speak the truth in love.” Chloe is a goal-oriented list maker who strives to be productive on a daily basis. She believes that God has a specific purpose for each human life, and her life goal is to fulfill that purpose.


Never having previously competed in a pageant did not deter Chloe in the least. She sees the position of Miss Texas Teen USA as a unique opportunity to serve the great state of Texas. However, it is also more than that to Chloe. She has a passionate heart for young girls who are victims of sex trafficking and their need for rehabilitation. As a volunteer with Traffick 911, she speaks to groups of girls about the pitfalls they must avoid and the dangers of the growing sex trade of minors. She would like to bring this issue to the attention of a larger audience and to be instrumental in helping to restore the devastated lives of girls who have been rescued.


With a heart of gratitude and an attitude of humility, Chloe places high value on serving others. She teaches children at Mission Arlington, participates in Girls of Greatness helping middle school girls to achieve their full potential. She has joined four overseas mission trips that include two weeks helping to build a school, teach, and nurture orphans at God Cares School in Uganda. Chloe says that as Miss Texas Teen USA, “I want other teens to be made aware of important issues outside of their world of school and friends, something that they can become educated and passionate about. I believe this awareness would empower my generation and help give them a vision, a desire to create change in the community and in their lives as well.”


Already well traveled, having visited Turkey, Greece, Israel, Guatemala, El Salvador,
Uganda, and China, Chloe’s wander lust has not quite been satisfied! She wants also to explore Europe with a backpack and a Eurail pass. After studying Broadcast
Journalism at Texas A&M, she envisions further travels as an international field journalist.

As she fulfills her duties as Miss Texas Teen USA, the words of Maya Angelou serve
as inspiration for Chloe: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget the way you made them feel.”


~Linda Warriner



CongratulaTions to CHLOE KEMBEL,
for taking the crown!

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